Incentivize your employees to work as a team

As a business owner, you realize that your most valuable asset is the group of dedicated and loyal employees that allow you to deliver quality to your clients - day after day - year after year.

If you could motivate your employees to be more productive and more loyal, while also monetizing some of the value of your company to reduce your personal financial risk, wouldn't you be interested?

If this plan also contained impressive tax incentives, you might ask, what is the catch? By employing GreatBanc to assist in setting up, maintaining, and administrating your Employee Stock Ownership Plan, there is no catch.

GreatBanc Trust Company has established a national reputation as a highly skilled, independent trustee specializing in employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) fiduciary oversight. Representing plan participants and beneficiaries, we provide technically superior fiduciary services for qualified plans of companies facing an ownership transition, as well as for companies with ongoing ESOP needs.

In study after study, ESOP participation has been shown to have a positive effect on the productivity and efficiency of a workforce. The driving force behind these improvements is the positive attitude of the ESOP participants. If employees identify themselves as owners, as is the case in an ESOP company, and they believe they have a direct impact on the future success of the company and therefore their own personal wealth, they will put more effort into and take more personal pride in their work. The result of this alignment of worker and company incentives results in productivity gains that are beneficial to the employee and the company.