Our Vision

A world where financial freedom and a dignified retirement are accessible to EVERYONE, not just those at the top.

Our Mission

Harness the lifechanging potential of employee ownership by providing comprehensive fiduciary oversight for employee stock ownership plans. We aim to be the fiduciary destination for companies that are committed to their people and to be the workplace destination for professionals who are passionate about building a world that is committed to succeeding together.

Our Core Values & Beliefs


We define respect as humility, patience, and empathy. Family comes before work, always. We treat others the way we want to be treated; we listen and consider different ideas, opinions, and perspectives.

Our clients are our inspiration; we are humbled by every opportunity to pursue the work we are passionate about.


We do everything as a team. Win, lose, celebrate, regroup — we do it all together. Success starts with our people. We trust their instincts and experience. Our team is our vitality; we work for one another. We learn from failures and build on our successes together, always focused on finding a way forward.


We have the courage to engage in challenging discussions. We provide candid recommendations and feedback, regardless of how popular they may be. We make changes when it is the right thing to do. The truth is our guide. We stand behind our word and follow through on our commitments.

A Message from Our CEO

James Staruck, Greatbanc CEO

GreatBanc Trust Company has been in the ESOP Trustee business for nearly two decades. We serve as trustee for both ESOPs in public and private companies across the United States. We currently serve as trustee for hundreds of ESOPs, both large and small. Serving as an ESOP Trustee is our core business. However, it is more than our business - it is our passion. The thrill we get from seeing our clients’ employees share in the success that can come through employee ownership is indescribable. Knowing that we played a role in that success is what drives our unwavering and unparalleled commitment to the ESOP industry.

Our team of ESOP professionals is not rivaled. For our existing clients, we appreciate your trust and confidence in us. For our future clients, we look forward to partnering with you to achieve your employee ownership goals.

James E. Staruck, Chief Executive Officer and President
GreatBanc Trust Company