Here at GreatBanc, we strive to provide world class service to all our clients. We do so by offering ESOP services, which include roles as trustee and fiduciary to the employees of our clients. As a complement to our ESOP Services, we offer alternative services in which the expertise of the GreatBanc team can be used in unique situations.

There are no off the shelf solutions at when you work with our team. We recognize that all clients are different. We work closely with your team to create a personalized, flexible solution that meets the needs of your organization and people.

ESOP Transactions

Looking to go employee-owned? From due diligence to closing, our team will coordinate and guide your organization through the entire transaction process.

ESOP Management

Already have an employee stock ownership plan? Our team of experts provides support and day-to-day operations for full and partial ESOPs.

Independent Fiduciary Services

Ready to take a step back from managing your retirement plan? Let our team handle fiduciary oversight and investment monitoring so you can focus on what matters.