Humility, patience and empathy are how we define respect. As a company wholly committed to the virtue of employee ownership, we also respect ourselves. Respect for our clients and for our employees, our oxygen and our lifeblood, allow us to create, maintain and protect robust and empowering partnerships between us, our clients, and their advisors.

Teamwork is the essence of our integrity. At GreatBanc, we win, lose, celebrate and correct, all as a team. Because of the experience of our team members, we trust our instincts, and do what we say we will do. Teams do not blame individuals; teams always find the way ahead.

Flexibility means changing, if change is the right thing to do. We have the courage for challenging discussions with clients and advisors. We have been known to propose decisions which we felt were important, even if they were unpopular. Flexibility is a two-way street: we recognize that each client and situation is unique and requires independence, knowledge and creativity.