Aesop, the Greek Storyteller once wrote, “You are known by the company that you keep.” At GreatBanc, we are proud to work with the following Industries.


Although this more than $2 trillion industry employs tens of millions of US workers, innovation and improvement often drives growth in the fast-moving food, beverage and CPG markets. GreatBanc can help your business compete and grow in the ever-changing world of non-durable goods.


Conglomerates and holding companies, from the largest to the smallest, can be an ideal place for an ESOP. Let us show you how to create great value throughout your organization.


The construction and mining industry provides our country with the infrastructure it needs, and GreatBanc provides it with a firm foundation for its ESOPs. More than 30 companies providing residential, commercial and agricultural services use our services.

Distribution and Wholesale

No matter its size, there are many people involved in a distributor or wholesaler. We advise many types of clients, from agricultural to heavy industry, from retail to other types of distributors, on how to best develop an employee incentive with their ESOPs.

Engineering and Architecture

Companies that design buildings, systems, industry and infrastructure are always changing and adapting. GreatBanc has a long-standing relationship with these industries, and can help you add a retirement plan option.

Financial Services

All types of financial services companies choose to partner with GreatBanc for their ESOPs. From community, regional and national banks, to investment brokers, to insurance companies, to debt servicing companies, we take pride in the fact that financial services professionals trust our knowledge and experience when it comes to managing their ESOP needs.

Government Contractors

Government consulting, technology and engineering are important roles in the US, and their employees are the backbone of what they offer. ESOPs provide an extra level of benefits that help you retain the employees you need.

Grocery & Food

Although grocery stores and supermarkets have experienced good growth in recent years, they still face keen competition among themselves and by alternative outlets such as warehouse stores and online merchants. An ESOP can help you attract what you need most in your food retailing business: experienced, dedicated and inspired employees.


Ever-expanding, and always changing, healthcare encompasses a large but diverse industry. GreatBanc represents ESOP clients in all aspects of healthcare, including service providers, manufacturers and research and development companies.

Information Systems

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the US, and, though they lead all other industries in change and innovation, IT companies will be there long into the future. Because of the market longevity of an IT company, an ESOP provides skilled employees a reason to stay and become invested in their company’s changing futures.


There are nearly a quarter million US manufacturing firms, and GreatBanc is proud to serve manufacturers who make everything from industrial products to the things we use every day. Our professionals have a deep history with manufacturers and can provide the expertise needed to develop a plan uniquely suited to your firm.

Oil, Gas and Chemical

According to the Energy Information Agency, the US consumes more than 7 billion barrels of petroleum products every year. GreatBanc serves many diverse companies that respond to the logistics, creation and development of this key resource. We have the expertise needed to respond to each company’s unique situation as an ESOP is developed and managed.

Professionals and Consulting

We work with a diverse landscape of many professional consulting firms, who provide value by managing the specialized needs of their clients. GreatBanc, in turn, provides the specialized ESOP services companies need in order to help attract the best professionals.


Retail is one of the most widespread industries in the US, and an ESOP provides an advantage to incentivize employees who work in this competitive field. We have worked with many retail clients throughout food, convenience stores and other consumer services to create and manage retirement options to set them apart and attract long term employees.


From Pittsburg to Northwest Indiana and beyond, steel processing and manufacturing in the US has specialized and diversified, but will always be the backbone of industry and growth. Whether a company manufactures or builds with steel and its products, an ESOP creates pride and responsibility.

Transportation, Trucking and Warehousing

This constantly needed industry has always allowed for positive growth. With our years of experience, GreatBanc can help you pave a solid foundation for your company’s retirement planning.

Travel and Entertainment

Hotels, travel-based firms and entertainment venues all need to attract the best and most committed employees. An ESOP is a great way to serve your employees the way they serve their clients.

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