GreatBanc Trust Company (“GreatBanc”) was incorporated in 1989 as a full-service trust company. GreatBanc is nationally recognized as a highly skilled, independent ERISA fiduciary with a specialization in ESOPs. GreatBanc provides ESOP trustee services for hundreds of ESOPs throughout the United States, with plan assets ranging from approximately $1 million to $9 billion. GreatBanc has extensive experience with ESOP purchases and sales, ESOP administration, corporate governance and ESOP valuation.

At GreatBanc, ESOPs are our passion. Our ESOP Trustee business is our core – it is our soul. We are not part of a larger financial institution or bank that specializes in providing capital or investment banking. We live and breathe being a fiduciary. This means we speak for others who don’t have a voice.

We have continuously demonstrated our commitment to the ESOP industry in many ways, the most visible being our willingness to pick up where other fiduciaries have decided to exit the business. Acquisitions have accelerated the growth of GreatBanc’ s ESOP trustee business over the years. GreatBanc acquired the ESOP trustee businesses from HSBC (2002), The Trust Company of Knoxville (2004), LaSalle Bank NA (2005), North Star Trust Company (2014) and most recently, Bankers Trust Company of South Dakota (April 2016). GreatBanc is always looking for the next opportunity to further expand this business.

GreatBanc also provides personal trust and investment services through its Arboretum Wealth and Trust Management (AWTM) division. AWTM has the ability to manage complex financial situations, operate as a corporate trustee, plan for retirement and truly provide a full spectrum of financial services. For more information about AWTM, visit