NCEO 2019 Employee Ownership Conference


Monday, April 8th 4:15pm Pre-Conference
Fred Kaseff, Sr. Vice President
Fiduciary Issues (Is an ESOP Right for You?)

Tuesday, April 9th 9:00am
Patrick DeCraene, Sr. Vice President
How to Finance an ESOP
Join a panel of experts as they discuss the various financial options in executing an ESOP transaction and the ramifications on the financial statement.

Wednesday, April 10th 10:20am
Kjersti Cory, Sr. Vice President
Fiduciary Considerations in Second-Stage ESOP Transactions
This session will provide you with an understanding of how second stage ESOP transactions are structured and what are some of the key issues that should be considered by the board of directors, trustees, selling shareholders, and ESOP participants.

Wednesday, April 10th 12:00pm
Luncheon with Choice of Expert-Led Roundtable Discussions.
Facilitator: Gary Greenwald, Sr. Vice President  
Topic: Board and Trustee: The Relationship

Facilitator: Debbie Williams, Sr. Vice President
Topic: ESOP Communication Committee Chairs

Wednesday, April 10th 2:00pm
Scot Storjohann, Sr. Vice President
From Head-Shaking Decisions to Best-Ideas-Ever: Stories from Three ESOP Companies.
Three executives from mature and successful ESOP companies will share what initiatives and ideas helped grow the ESOP culture and drive success, and they will share the ideas that didn’t work out as planned.

Wednesday, April 10th 2:00pm
Arlene Westbrook, Sr. Vice President & COO
What Not To Do (and If You Did, How to Correct It)
This session identifies common errors and how to fix them—in ESOP plan design, operation, and administration.

Thursday, April 11th 9:30am
Gary Greenwald, Sr. Vice President
Answers to Common Mature ESOP Quandaries: Repurchase Obligations, Governance, and Valuation Transparency
This session will explore some tools available to help trustees, boards, executives and ESOP committees, analyze the next phase of their corporate life cycle, including case studies and discussion around repurchase obligation studies, valuation transparency, and corporate governance.

Thursday, April 11th 9:30am
Scot Storjohann, Sr. Vice President
The Art of the ESOP Deal: Negotiating Purchase Price Adjustments, Representations, Warranties and Indemnification
The panelists will discuss negotiating key deal terms from the viewpoints of the buyer and the seller including (i) purchase price adjustments, (ii) representations and warranties, and (iii) indemnification parameters.


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